• Our Therapeutic Sensory Supplies


    Our amazing sensory compression sacks are made out of stretchable fabric. It gives your kid a feeling of being in a cocoon with plenty of space for movements. The Compression Sack provides a relaxing combination of calming pressure which encourages heavy work and stretching. We have experienced that children like to be in it for reading, dreaming or even talking - just to feel like in an cocoon. The opening is in the front or back, depends on how the child is turning around. It will be closed with one small stripe of Velcro. 

    We recommend it specially for kids with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, ADD and Autism. 

    Your kid will love to crawl, snuggle or slip into it.

    The stretchable fabric is breathable, warm washable and warm tumble drying program tolerable. 

    It is available in the following sizes:

    XS for user heights: 30”- 36”

    S   for user heights: 40”- 46”

    M  for user heights: 47”- 55”

    L   for user heights: 56”-65”

    XL for user heights: 66”- 73”

    Please contact us for Custum sizes.