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Our affordable products support children in their Sensory Therapy

About us

Why Choose Us

We offer affordable necessities of life out of our excellent and stretchable Lycra fabric, hand-made in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Specially suited for Occupational Therapists and families of persons with special needs or children with autism, ADHS, ADD, Insomnia or problems with staying focused. 

Our products provide superior quality and durability, and are guaranteed to last!

How we got started

Our German-American team started a couple of years ago after travelling Europe and collecting ideas and thoughts about different needs of people. Back home in North Carolina we used our business connections to the fabric industry to bridge a gap in the market. We started our business of custom-made products using stretchable fabric with the thought of making lives easier for those in need.

We love to support

Well chosen autistic items can be used to develop fine and gross motor skills as well as give needed sensory input to your Child with special needs.

We are always listening to our customers special needs and use our creativity for a custom piece to support your Child’s sensory integration and occupational therapy.

Browse through our custom made designs, each hand-made by one of our talented, empathic trained staff. 


Our Items

Double layered Autistic Therapy Compression SWING holds up to 165 pounds For Children and Adults

Double layered Autistic Therapy Compression Swing

The Autistic Swing gives children the experience of being in a cocoon and provides vestibular input with increased pressure. It is made out of double layered Lycra Fabric and can be suspended from either a properly installed ceiling bolt or swing set. 

Designed with Children in mind.

Compression Bed Sheet as an alternative for Weighted Blanket

Compression Bed Sheet - Alternative for Weighted Blanket

 It stretches over your child’s body and gives deep pressure to calm and soothe an over-aroused, disorganized and/or fearful nervous system. This Lycra Compression Bed Sheet will work wonders on children who have a difficult time unwinding, relaxing and calming her/ his body for sleep. 

Therapeutic Sensory Tunnel for kids with Autism and ADHD, ADD and other special needs

Therapeutic Sensory Compression Tunnel in almost every color

Our Lycra Compression Sensory Tunnel stretches when your child is crawling in. Your little one will calm down and feel surrounded by the stretching Lycra fabric and receive sensory input where your child needs it most. 

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